June 22–26, 2014
Leipzig, Germany

Session Details

Name: Jet Engines Take Off in the Cloud – Lessons Learned (Panel)
Time: Monday, June 23, 2014
02:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Room:   Hall 2
CCL - Congress Center Leipzig
Breaks:03:00 pm - 04:00 pm Coffee Break
Moderator:   Wolfgang Gentzsch, ISC Cloud & UberCloud Community & Marketplace
Panelist:   Alexander Heine, CPU 24/7
  Matthias Reyer, CPU 24/7
  Wim Slagter, ANSYS
  Marius Swoboda, Rolls-Royce
Abstract:   Engineers and scientists rely on HPC for developing competitive products and performing leading-edge research. However, buying and using an in-house HPC cluster is not always an option: procurement is cumbersome, total cost of ownership is high, specialist expertise is rare, and annual ISV licenses for these systems can be very expensive. Recently, another alternative appeared in the market: HPC as a Service, in the Cloud, on-demand, pay-per-use. Besides offering the same benefits as HPC, and providing additional business agility and cost savings, HPC in the Cloud also comes with severe roadblocks. The current HPC Cloud market is very complex and confusing, access to cloud services is not standardized and often laborious, software licenses are often not easily available for the cloud, data transfer rates can be too slow, and security requirements can be an issue. This panel will discuss major roadblocks and how they can be removed. The panel members have jointly taken a complex application - a transient aerothermal analysis of a jet engine high pressure compressor assembly - to the cloud, performed several large-scale simulations, and sent results back to the end-user. In this panel, they will discuss the major benefits, roadblocks, solutions, and lessons learned.