June 22–26, 2014
Leipzig, Germany

Presentation Details

Name: (08) An Efficient Sparse Matrix Multiplication for Deep Neural Network-Based Applications
Time: Monday, June 23, 2014
05:11 pm - 05:18 pm
Room:   Hall 4
CCL - Congress Center Leipzig
Presenter:   Renliang Zhao, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Abstract:   Deep Neural Network (DNN) is currently widely used in various applications, such as speech recognition, computer vision and natural language processing, etc. However, real-time recognition process has not been achieved yet as the performance of existing methods and software libraries is not as good as expected. Therefore, in this project, we propose a novel sparse matrix storage format, called BCSR & BCOO, and a thread-level scalable computing kernel for sparse matrix multiplication, called SpMM. We evaluate our proposed data structure and SpMM on a real application in DNN-based online speech recognition. The experimental results demonstrate up to 4x speedup over Intel MKL on a typical CPU-based multicore platform.

Yang Gao, Baidu Corp.; Ying Liu, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Renliang Zhao, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Steve Chiu; Idaho State University

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