June 22–26, 2014
Leipzig, Germany

Buddy Bland

Project Director, Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Arthur "Buddy" Bland is the director for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility project, which includes upgrading “Jaguar”, the Cray petaflop supercomputer, to “Titan”, ORNL’s heterogeneous CPU-GPU system. He previously served as director of operations for the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) from 1996 until June 2006. Buddy has worked in high-performance computing his entire career. He joined the staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1984 as the system programmer/administrator for the Cray X-MP system. He managed the Supercomputing Systems Section, which later became the UNIX System Section, until 1992, when he moved to the newly formed Center for Computational Sciences as the computing resources manager. In that position he installed the Kendall Square KSR-1 and Intel Paragons and oversaw the development and installation of the file storage systems and networks to support the NCCS. In 1996 Buddy was appointed director of operations of the NCCS. In that role he has managed the operation of the computer center through the life of a series of computers, including the IBM Power3, IBM Power4, Compaq AlphaServer SC, SGI Altix, Cray XD1, Cray X1, Cray X1E, and Cray XT3, XT4, XT5, and XK6. He is the ORNL representative on the High Performance Storage System Executive Committee.

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